Bello. I'm Ban.

Taking pictures is my passion and I really enjoy on creating photographs in still by clicking the shutter 'ka-cha' at the early age. After years of playing the buttons on the camera, I fell in love with photography that capturing intimate and real moments of people. They inspire me to document with my camera and telling a story through a photographs.

As graduated from bachelor in 3D Animation and Visual Effects, I find my passion in photography specially in wedding photography which is full of love and emotion. Every couples has a unique story to be told and I discovered how much happiness and beautiful memories throughout the photos could bring to the couples cherish for a lifetime! Since then, I started my profession in wedding photography and that's how I am here now!

I love smiles. I love adventures. I love people. I love freedom. I love percussion. and, I love all I have.

I am looking forward to make more friendship through this awesome journey with all of you. Let me photographs and tells the story of yours. 


Thanks for dropping by.